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Mixing & Mastering

Clear and polished, dirty and brutal, or anywhere in between.



Guitar & Bass tones, carefully crafted and tailor-made specifically for your music.



One-on-one sessions, in which I'll show you my exact mixes and workflow.


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About Buster Odeholm / impact studios

Hi! My name is Buster Odeholm and I run Impact Studios, based in Helsingborg, Sweden. I play drums in Swedish metal band Vildhjarta, and play guitar and compose for Humanity's Last Breath alongside my mixing and mastering work here at Impact.

I've worked with a ton of bands throughout my career including Born Of Osiris, Aversions Crown, Sworn In, Currents, Vildhjarta, I Valiance and A Night In Texas to name a few.

My goal as a mixer and producer is to achieve the very best sound and vision for your band. Your material needs to compete with the biggest bands in the industry, it needs to turn heads, and above all, it needs to sound GOOD. I understand that, as a mixer, I'm stepping in and taking control of your music, which is why your satisfaction is key to my process. I guarantee that you will be 100% happy with the final result, and won't rest until you are.


Buster's mixes are crushing. This, we know. But in addition to that, he is very attentive to customer requests and goes out of his way to make sure you're happy with the final product.

Delos Germaine

You get to meet and talk to a handful of people in your life that completely blow your mind. My meeting with Buster was exactly one of these moments...

Daniel Berg

We had the privilege to work with Buster on our first single, and this was high above our expectations. We were looking for an innovative sound with a blockbuster punch and we got it... big time.

Ken Kängström

Hands down, Buster's inclination for high quality audio production is his end game.

Pierre Worth

Best producer I've worked with and turnaround time is incredible... Do It!

Bryden Tee

Really nice, great quality sound. The best of the best!

Marcus Heffler

Inspiring producer, excellent tutor and a very talented musician. I definitely recommend his services.

Jeremy Grahame Pickett

Best modern producer on the market today! Quick, responsive, super efficient and very friendly as well!

Pacer Burton