Our Production and Songwriting Services Will Breathe New Life Into Your Music.

Calle Thomér is best known for his work with the legendary Swedish metal band Vildhjarta, alongside playing guitar in both Humanity's Last Breath and his own solo project: Stoort Neer. 

As one of Buster's closest collaborators, Calle's writing and Buster's productions go hand in hand - and we're now offering you the opportunity to work one-on-one with him to take your ideas to the next level.

"A Masterpiece Of Light And Shadow In Texture And Sound"
Metal Injection, Vildhjarta "Måsstaden" review. 

Calle is available for:

- Producing
- Arranging
- Songwriting
- Ghost-writing (work for hire)
- Guest Features

If you would like to bring Calle's unique creativity to your project, get in touch via email at stoort.neer@gmail.com  to discuss details and pricing.