We’ve teamed up with our friends in Atlas and their label Long Branch Records to bring you the first ever
 Impact Mix-Off!

This is product title

All the raw audio from Atlas' Birthright, ready for mixing.

Competition closes in:




  •  The coveted title of "Mix God/Goddess"
  •  All of our current products
  •  All of our future digital products
  •  A selection of signed Atlas merch

🥈🥉 Runner Up Prizes:

  •  Three Products from our store
  •  A Selection Of Signed Atlas Merch


  • Sign up and download the stems from the link at the top of this page.
  •  Get your mix on and upload the finished master to YouTube in the highest quality possible, with the title: Impact Mix Contest: Atlas | *your name*. 
  • Share the your work on your socials, and tag us
    (FB: @Impact Studios, IG: @ImpactStudioSwe).
  • Send to the mix to: impactmixoff@gmail.com


  • The entry steps listed above must be adhered to for your entry to count.
  • All entries must be submitted before midnight (PST) on the 1st June.
  • One mix/master per entrant. Yes, it can be tempting to send multiple updated versions, but we will only count the first one we receive.
  • You may use any plugins, synths or samples you deem suitable.
  • No extra composition. You may layer drum samples, swap out bass sounds, even double up guitars and synths - but no extra melody lines, vocals or leads. You’re being judged on the mix/master, not the songwriting.
  • No automated mastering services (LANDR, Aria, eMastered etc).

    We get it - they’re useful, and many engineers use them professionally. However, this is test of raw audio engineering skill, so it seems inappropriate to permit their usage.
  • All entries must be entirely your own work - that means no teams, and no hiring external mix/master engineers to ghost this for you.

    Ultimately, we have no way of proving this is all your own work outside of trust, so if you do chose to cheat, then we hope you know that deep down, you’re a total dick.


Q: When will the winner be announced?
Q: Do I need accompanying video content?
Q: Why YouTube? The sound quality is better on *insert favourite audio hosting site*.
Q: I’m a YouTube partner - what are my rights, and can I earn money from my entry video?

Good Luck!