The next generation of metal production is here.

Imagine learning from one of metal's top mix engineers - anytime, anywhere, and with lessons structured to your exact needs. 

Well, now you can.

Book one to one tuition with Buster himself, and revolutionise your mixing game. 

In these private sessions, he’ll take you through the exact processes he uses to create his signature sound via Skype.

No secrets. No barriers. No bullshit.

"Shortly after I took Buster's mixing course I began to understand how to treat audio properly.
The golden ingot of his course is his explanation of things, why he does it and his attention to details. His mixing lessons allow you to forge your own sound using his experience and perspective. That’s something I know Buster supports and highly recommends. He's the guy who points us in the right direction and that's invaluable."

- Tom Karlsson, Impact alumnus.

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