If you want your tracks to stand up to scrutiny alongside artists sharing the same playlists as you, then you need great mastering.

Commercial mastering

This traditional mastering technique focuses on providing the loudest possible end product with minimal loss of audio quality. Louder music sounds better and fuller to humans due to the equal-loudness contours of the human ear. We achieve this optimal volume for you through tactical use of EQ and compression, without losing punch, clarity or distorting the end result.

Audiophile Mastering

This premium mastering technique puts the integrity of your mix before all else. The very nature of hard, brick wall limiting to make your track louder can change the character of your recording, reducing transients and shifting the internal balances of your mix.

Our audiophile masters are not as loud as our commercial alternative and focus more on depth and detail, ensuring pristine sonic quality and a master that sounds balanced, punchy and true to your intentions. You will also find that these masters sound as than their counterparts on YouTube and digital streaming platforms, as these services' normalisation algorithms will not reduce the volume to their average LUFS measurement.

Mastering is available from $149 per track. If you would both commercial and audiophile versions, this is available for $199 per track. 

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