The heaviest mixes in modern metal. Period.

Mixing is our most popular service.

Whether you need a clean and refined record or you’re seeking Buster’s signature filth, we work with you every step of the way to sculpt the perfect realisation of your artistic vision.

Pricing comes in two tiers - a label and independent rate. If you’re a label, representative or signed artist, get in touch and we’ll quote you our current pricing. If you’re unsigned, then our fee depends on three factors - availability, deadlines and your music.

If you require stems for use in backing-tracks or remixes, this is charged at an additional $75 per song, to ensure we can properly export and organise them for your proposed usage.

It's important that we're the right fit for each other, so we'll need to hear some of your demos or previous work in order to ensure the results you're after.

We'd highly recommend you opt for a re-amp / mix / master bundle - this will offer you the best value for money, and guarantee you the Impact Studios sound from start to finish.

"We had the privilege to work with Buster on our first single, and this went high above our expectations. We were looking for an innovative sound with blockbuster punch and we got it... Big time."

Ken Kängström

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"Everything this dude does, sounds amazing. Håårdest out there!"

Tom Mähler


"Buster's mixes are crushing - this, we know. In addition to this, he is very attentive to customer requests and goes out of his way to make sure you're happy with the final product."

Delos Germaine